Maryland Update

McCain’s Baltimore fundraiser was picketed by Laborer’s International Union, a front for organized crime. Of course being shouted at by members of an organized crime front group is not really a bad thing. I’d think being supported by them should be an item of concern.

A writer at our own little ersatz version, Soros-funded mind you, of the DailyKos tries to argue against school vouchers. Him being a history teacher in Maryland public schools makes the state of public education more explicable. Vouchers means less accountability. Who knew? If you want a deconstruction of the NEA pep talk, Brian Griffiths provides it.The Maryland State Police stand accused of conducting surveillance of “peace activists” and “anti-death penalty” protesters under former Governor Bob Ehrlich. Pardon me while I yawn but watching potential felons doesn’t seem like a bad use of time compared to some of the things they tend to do. Naturally our lefties term it “Nixonian.” Mark Newgent explains to them while “Wilsonian” is a better way of describing it.

The indispensable source for Maryland politics, Martin Watcher of O’Malley Watch, points outthat the surveillance took place in Baltimore and the lefties calling former Governor Bob Ehrlich names are studiously averting their eyes from who was mayor of Baltimore at the time. That’s right, the current governor Democrat Martin O’Malley.

Conservatives are racists. Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it before. But now we are presented with incontrovertible proof of the racist nature of school vouchers by a public school teacher who, when not shaving IQ points off his students, writes for our local Soros-funded lefty website. School vouchers were a theory of Milton Friedman. Milton Friedman was a conservative. Milton Friedman opposed the Civil Rights Act (in favor of letting market forces end Jim Crow). Opposing the Civil Rights is racist. Therefore Milton Friedman was racist. Therefore school vouchers are a racist idea. There’s probably a logical fallacy in here someplace.

“Ehrlich 2010” bumper stickers have made their appearance. I think Bob Ehrlich character and grace have been accentuated by the current kleptocracy in Annapolis in ways even his opponents now appreciate.

Reflexive lefty Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher gets his panties in a wad over Montgomery County’s county council passing a law requiring employers to enter into written contracts with their nannies and housekeepers. Oddly enough he makes largely the same case that we conservatives have long made in opposition to the minimum wage. We just didn’t have to have nannies to show us what was right.

Increases in already extortionate Maryland taxes are convincing Marylanders in the Allegany County to move a few miles to low tax West Virginia.

Our state comptroller and Democrat apparatchik Doug Gansler claims that the Democrat party is the party of fiscal responsibility in Maryland and the US. This statement was followed by an epidemic of incontinence as those hearing this claim lost bladder control while laughing.