Red State Gathering: The Right Has The Fighters To Take On The Leftwaffe


Sometimes, during those residual bursts of compassionate conservatism, I almost feel sorry for the left. They just don’t know what is about to hit them. Kind of like those WWII German bomber pilots, confidently assured that the Royal Air Force had all but been destroyed, only to run into a hornets’ nest of Spitfires and Hurricanes.

For years the left has been mounting a full scale effort to gain unprecedented amounts of power over the lives of ordinary Americans, aided by a decadent GOP establishment that has come damn close to unilateral disarmament in the war of ideas. If you want to know why the right is so energized these days, look no further than that moribund leadership.

It is being replaced. And about time, too! The right has the fighters who will take on the war of ideas, and the ground game of politics, and WIN! That is what I saw at the Red State Gathering in Austin. I was too late for the panels and speakers, but that’s not what determines victory. People win the battle in politics- people who are energetic, passionate, determined, driven, and, yes, happy.

Do we have human frailties, personal conflicts, ideological disputes, group rivalries? Sure. But conservatives have never been in denial about human nature, or the work that must be done to transcend it. And we do the work. You can take that to the bank, even the TARP-stuffed ones!

So I left Austin buzzed. Why? Y’all are amazing!