On The Radio Tonight: Dr Strangelove- Why The Left Fails At Diversity

You can always tell when liberals have been working at their chosen vocation of bringing social concord to the public square. Everyone is at each other’s throats. With elegant wickedness, lefties fling accusations of bigotry at all who oppose them, then blame the resulting anger on the base instincts of voters as yet unredeemed by their salvific message. Clearly, the situation merits closer examination.


For starters, have you ever noticed just how, er, whitebread the liberal elites are? And how condescending, insulated and just plain stinking rich? When you dig a little, you find that the boiling summer of our disconent arises from something far more dangerous than climate change- the kitsch socialism that propels all that bloviating about tolerance.

Tonight we will explore this subject on the Italian Tomatoes show on BlogTalkRadio. Tune in at 10PM Eastern time!