Obama- Gibbs and Takes: Why the O-Team Is Clueless About Tea Parties

It must be wonderful to work in the White House.  Who wouldn’t want that taxpayer-funded trip along the lush banks of DeNile?  True, there are those pesky revolts of the toiling masses. I’m sure pharaoh and his minions probably didn’t understand the ancient Israelites, either.

The president has asserted, unbelievably, that he was not aware of the tea parties.  His press secretary, so reports Tommy Christopher, is bemused that the partygoers are upset, having just received, by the grace of God and His Annointed Barack Obama, a tax cut.  


To be sure, Obama is more liberal than pharaoh.  He has given the masses a little more straw to make bricks.  Alas, he has upped the quota of bricks by 400%.  That is the estimated increase of the 2009 budget deficit vs 2008’s.  Like the ancient Hebrews, today’s taxpayers know a raw deal when they see one.

They know that a massive increase in spending to finance politically-connected pork and an orgy of nanny-statism is like getting a basket of fish that is just about to go off.  In the short run, a little nourishment from the first bites.  In the long run, just a lot of smelly garbage.  The Obama/Pelosi/Reid approach will inevitably lower the people’s standard of living and the opportunities for their children.  The way to grow the economy is to grow the private sector that creates our wealth; the government has never created a damn thing. 

The taxpayers realize that for all the talk about the rich, the middle class is stuck on a hamster treadmill of federal, state, local and property taxes.  They know that huge debt loads must either be paid off or society goes through enormous economic pain.  They know instinctively that the government should not imitate the fiscal habits of the mortgage industry.  And they know that eventually there are two disastrous ways to deal with mega-deficits: ruinous taxation or ruinous inflation.

So Mr. Gibbs, we have one response for you if you insist you are bemused by the public angst.  Who the hell does your administration think it’s kidding?

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