If You Have Had ENOUGH, Vote Tedisco! A Message for NY 20th CD Voters

Membership in the House of Representatives is an important job. We are getting a painful reminder of this in 2009. With the Democrats in charge of both the White House and Congress, the government is on a spending spree that is unparalleled in American history.

The March 31st election is your chance to send a message to the nation’s leaders. And that message is that you’ve had enough! The election will be closely watched around the nation. You may never have a better opportunity as voters to send this message than you have now. Vote Jim Tedisco and the Washington DC elites will hear it, loud and clear!

Barack Obama is a decent and well-meaning man. Alas, he has never run anything in his life, and the inexperience shows, amplified by a Democratic Congress that has gone out of control. It has embarked on an orgy of wasteful spending that will be funded by staggering increases in the national debt.

But it is not just about the money. The liberal elites advising the President and Congress simply can’t stand the middle class. They despise our values, our livelihoods and ourselves. They are convinced that Main Street voters live too high on the hog, that we consume too much and pay too little taxes. Their ideal is an eco-utopia where we use little energy and are content with the resulting poverty. Do you really want Al Gore and his acolytes to determine how you drive, heat your homes and power your businesses?

Enough! You can send a message to Washington DC that will resound as loudly as Paul Revere’s. Vote for Jim Tedisco!

(And he’s a member of the Sons of Italy- how can you go wrong :>)

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