ObamaMessiah Saves, But Michael Steele Invests

Congratulations to Michael Steele on his election to the post of RNC Chairman. Well done!


You face a formidable task. But then you know that. The GOP has been consistently outmaneuvered in the media wars by an aggressive and left-oriented journalist class, and their cheering sections in the academy and Hollywood. President Obama is clearly inclined to push a cult of personality, and there are many misguided souls in the land who are happy to oblige. His advisors take advantage of their gullibility to use race cards at every opportunity.

You are a media star. Good. You will need every iota of those skills, because the haters will try to defame you on racial grounds. I am not worried, because you will handle it well. Hell, it’s probably old hat by now.

Now it’s time to invest. Use your leadership skills to pound into the heads of all factions of the GOP one overriding theme: we are a coalition, and we need to expand the reach of our party. Conservatives need not worry, as we are the dominant part of the coalition, and there is plenty of scope for action. We will not tolerate an assault on the Second Amendment. Indeed, the assault may be delayed because the acolytes of The One seem to be concentrating on killing the First. We insist on the right of people of faith to refuse involvement in abortion. We insist that the left be called out on their religious bigotry, whether anti-Catholic, anti-evangelical or anti-Semitic. We may like Rush Limbaugh, but we think for ourselves. We don’t need Rush to tell us that the “stimulus package” is a leftist-inspired Trojan Horse designed to push a statist agenda.

You can grow our party. That’s where the investment is needed. When the ObamaMessiah fails to deliver, as is invariably the wont of these would-be divinities, adults will be looking for an alternative. Women as well as men are concerned about national security. Indeed, many of them have now served in our military. Hillary supporters are still appalled at the bum’s rush they received at the hands of the Democratic establishment. You can win some of them over. Minorities, especially at the low end of the economic scale, suffer most during recessions, and Obama’s plan won’t do squat to promote a recovery. The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker et al- whether they be white, black, Latino, male, female, gay or straight- have to contend with an overspending goverment that overpromises and underdelivers. Only lawyers, like The One himself, have any reason to anticipate the future with pleasure.

You are a talented man. The fates, unfortunately, have given you a lot to work with. Investing is hard work. But you can do it.

Godspeed. *

*For any lefty reader who objects to the use of God, so sue me!