Sacred Doves LLC - Invest Now!

 Sacred Doves!

I wanted to alert the RS Community to a fantastic investment opportunity.  Now normally I would be shy about self-promoting on this site.  But thanks to the grace of God, the advent of Barack Obama, and the mannah dropping from heaven in the form of bailout money, I now have working capital for operations and can grow this fantastic business concept.  With your help.

Sacred Doves LLC will deliver to your doorstep a completely equipped, computerized bird cage and absolutely adoreable doves.   The state-of-the-art voice recognition sensors will release the doves when prompted by the opening of a public utterance by Barack Obama.  The specially trained doves will return to their cages (to hide) when the sensors detect speech by either the increasingly scary Obama cabinet or the even more scary Congressional Democratic leadership.  So you will never have to be afraid that your beloved doves will be lost!

Every home will want one of these fabulous devices.  And businesses, too, especially ones lobbying the government!  Please send your investment capital NOW* to our flagship installation:




* Media companies, inquire about our special 20% discount!