For the Left, the Era of Cheap Grace Is Over

As inauguration day moves closer, one detects an unusual air of anxiety among the chattering classes of the left.  Even though the election is over and their man won it handily, they are hypersensitive to any criticism of him.  What gives?

Could it be that they sense that their era of cheap grace is over?  During the presidency of George W Bush, the nutroots and their spokespersons in the leftward precincts of the Democratic party enjoyed the freedom of being one of the most irresponsible oppositions in this nation’s history.  In a time of war  (9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq) and natural disaster (Katrina), they could blow every mistake way out of proportion and get their echo chamber in the MSM to trumpet it 24/7.  They exuberantly attributed every misstep to some dark night of the soul of GWB- he’s a racist, hates black people, a tool of Dick Cheney and the neocon Zionist conspiracy, yada, yada, yada.  No wonder the left has such a problem with Christianity.  You see, there’s this false witness thingy embedded right in the Ten Commandments.

Now the outbreak of war in the Middle East, just two weeks before the inauguration of Barack Obama, appears to be sobering them up. With good reason. The moment his hand comes off the Bible, President Obama will face the same decisions that confronted George Bush.  How do I defend this country against a murderous terrorist network?  How do I balance protecting lives against civil liberties?  What do I do about the thugocracy in Iran and its proxies?  Can we fix Afghanistan? I have to send our troops into battle- are they ready, am I ready- for the casualties, military and civilian, the international reaction, the often faulty intelligence,  the inevitable mistakes that cost lives?

I have enough compassionate conservatism left in me to feel for the left as they confront the sobering realities for which our new president is responsible.  I will certainly pray for him.  If I didn’t feel that it would offend the activist left, I would pray for them, too.