Understanding Tommy Christopher - A Primer

Tommy Christopher’s recent foray into RS-bashing, while unexpected, is not surprising.  After all, he is in a game where hitcount means everything.  And what better way to get some than to start a blog feud with a site where his opposite number, Caleb Howe, is a prominent front-page contributor?

Now I have some experience with Tommy, being a frequent listener and caller into his Unusable Signal show.  I kind of like the guy, and his innocent narcissism makes me laugh.  But he has a most naive faith in big government.  Now I could go on and on explaining this, bloviating in the liberal style.  But we live in a visual age.  So I offer the video below as an illustration of the torch that Tommy and his kind always carry for the pashas of statist liberalism.  (and a reminder to Caleb that we await his Turkey articles :>)  It has a happy ending, as the heroes and heroines (the taxpayers?) escape the brothel of Big Government.