Belated Thoughts on my Third RS Anniversary

The calendar is pointing to another anniversary on this flagship conservative site. So it’s time for an anniversary retrospective.

I began posting on RS in Nov 2005 as I had become absolutely fed up with the liberal propaganda and disinformation machine that was engulfing the net. It was a relief to find an outlet where I could connect with kindred spirits, and work with them to express the conservative and Republican case. I am so thankful that the creators of RS provided that opportunity.

Of course, we have had some rough sledding. The disappointments of 2006 and 2008 will keep stinging for some time. But we have fought the good fight, and can enjoy the spectacle of Obama infuriating the left by his mandatory concessions to intruding reality, most notably in the re-appointment of Sec Def Gates.

The year 2007 was truly our “year of living dangerously”. We can truly be proud of President Bush, our party and ourselves that we fought, successfully, the attempt of the newly elected Democratic Congress to produce a Vietnam-style debacle. We kept faith with our troops and the Iraqi people. Our determination to stay the course prevented Iraq from descending into the warped nightmare of perverted religion and its sectarian violence.

So, my friends, I salute you. I am proud of what you have done. I toast you with a holiday egg nogg, with cinnammon and spice and all manner of libations that are nice!

(PS Erick- in deference to the new regime in DC, you MUST form an RS Bank. Not only will it show that we support the effort to revive the economy but I understand that the feds will just THROW money at us once this is done!)