VP Debate: Sarah Reels In The Big Fish


The VP debate turned into the ultimate victory of strategy over tactics. And Sarah Palin was the one with the strategy. She has mastered the art of deflecting loaded questions while giving substantive answers. She effectively hammered home the differences between McCain and Obama, never more so than when she highlighted the differences between Obama and Biden before Joe was selected by The One.

Biden’s tactics consisted of portraying Obama/Biden as champions of the middle class and trashing McCain as the reincarnation of Bush/Cheney. But the elegantly attired, tanned Biden looked like the Washington superlawyer and insider that he is- absolutely unconvincing as a defender of middle America. And he bored people to death with DC Inside Baseball, bloviating about how McCain is not the maverick he clearly is and about his votes from yesteryear about which the audience knew nothing and cared less.

The end game: Sarah looked qualified to be VP, and Biden reinforced the point that Obama’s leftwards pandering and lack of experience is the Achilles Heel of the Democratic ticket.

Sarah Palin has set up John McCain for a comeback. You GO, girl!

And it’s now up to The Maverick to deliver one.