The Lefties Discover Their Inner Mafioso - O'Reilly Website W-Hacked

h/t Drudge

Apparently the hackers couldn’t abide O’Reilly’s criticism of Wikileaks and assorted pundits who were spreading the fairy tales about Sarah Palin:

On Friday, Wikileaks issued the following press release : “Fox News demagogue, Bill O’Reilly, has been hacked and the details passed to Wikileaks. Wikileaks has been informed the hack was a response to the pundit’s scurrilous attacks over the Sarah Palin’s email story–including on Wikileaks and other members of the press, Hacktivists, thumbing their noses at the pundit, took control of O’Reilly’s main site, BillOReilly.com. According to our source, the security protecting O’Reilly’s site and subscribers was “non-existent

O’Reilly’s site reports:

** 205 new Premium Members who signed up last week had their name, hometown, email address, & BillOReilly.com password stolen

Access full story here.

Have a barf bag handy.