Obama's Ageing, Tiresome Narrative

Have you noticed the increased whining coming out of the Obama camp? The meme is that the crafty McCain is responsible for Obama’s difficulty by putting unfair ads on the air and pandering to women by an unqualified female pick for VP.

Ah, my dear Obamatrons. The problem is not in your stars, but in yourselves. And your STAR. No presidential election is a cakewalk. If you thought Obama was a shoo-in, you forgot how seriously Americans take a presidential election, and especially during times when foreign threats are an issue.

As for your star, his series has been running for nearly two years – same plot lines, same rhetorical tropes, and even the same episode tag: “Obama v. Bush”.

You may not have noticed, but George W. Bush is not on the ballot this time. Mavericks John McCain and Sarah Palin are winning the reformist audience, because reruns of “Obama the Chicago Machine” politician are proving more popular than “Salvation Through The One”.

By all means, take digs at McCain’s service experience, his spunky female running mate and especially his age. This will go over big with three very determined voting groups – military voters, moms and seniors.

And, now, my New Tone friendly advice being given, it’s off to Luby’s (cafeteria- the Ritz for the over 50 set :>))