Starbucks Needs Our Help-Especially in Chicago

I am a big fan of Starbucks- both the franchise and the wonderful coffee. Yes, yes, I know that a lot of lefty nonsense percolates in their trendier locations, but they deserve a lot of credit for making coffee fun again.

It turns out that a cop in Chicago liked the coffee so much, she decided she was entitled to it for free:

55-year-old Nevers intimidated Starbucks employees by screaming at them and flashing her badge, handcuffs or gun when they wanted her to pay

This, my Starbucks friends, is par for the course of the Big Government(especially its tax system) that, alas, is so beloved by a good part of your customer base.

Red State operatives are available to counsel your staff on the realities of this Fallen World. Noblesse oblige, you know!