Rep Kenny Marchant (TX 24) on Energy: Hear, Hear!

As a compassionate conservative, I can understand the impulse to flee steamy Washington DC in August. But the Congress should really do its job first. I am posting Rep Marchant’s letter in its entirety.

Let’s Have a Vote on Real Energy Solutions

As many of you have heard, the House Republican Caucus has taken over the empty House chamber in protest of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to adjourn the House without a vote on the American Energy Act as she goes on a nationwide tour to promote her new book during the entire month of August. As you may also know, I have been a staunch supporter of the American Energy Act which provides an “All of the Above” approach to dealing with the energy crisis which includes: 1) increasing domestic energy exploration and production; 2) incentivizing research into clean renewable and alternative energy technologies; and 3) encouraging fuel efficiency and conservation.

Let me be clear: I have joined House Republican Leader John Boehner in his adamant request to Speaker Pelosi that she reconvene the House so we can have an up or down vote on energy legislation that I know has bipartisan support. Furthermore, I call on President Bush to use his constitutional authority to call Congress back into session so Republicans and Democrats can work together to do what is best for hardworking Americans and pass real energy legislation. Convening a special session would not be without precedent; in fact, this authority (which the President can use “on extraordinary occasions” like this) has been used 27 times, the most recently by President Truman in 1948 to deal with healthcare, civil rights, and social security legislation.

In the interim, I have been holding meetings with constituents and organizations across the 24th District to talk about the American Energy Act. In fact, this week, I have 16 long-scheduled commitments where I will continue to meet with you and bring your concerns to the Hill. I am eager to return to D.C. to bring the American Energy Act to the floor and vote.

I am honored to represent the 24th District of Texas. Please contact my District or DC office with any further questions you may have or visit my website at www.marchant.house.gov.