Top 10 Ways to Pass Time During Those Pesky RS 3.0 Page Loads

and feel free to add your own!

10) Troll Obama speeches for actual hard content

9) Visit the national debt clock and watch the deficit grow

8) Track the downward tropes of the NY Times stock price

7) Read Night Twister’s Colorado diary for the 5,345,235th time

6) Update your vocabulary of dirty words at Kos

5) Watch Obama on YouTube and get that tingly feeling in your leg

4) Access Google Maps satellite photo function and watch the oceans rise

3) Medidate thankfully on Obama’s assurances that the phenomenon referenced in #4 shall cease

2) Catch up on that hard-hitting MSM coverage of the Obama campaign

1) And do your DAY JOB, dammit!

And, please, don’t forget to visit the Obama Cyberchapel and give thanks to the Good Lord for Windows!

st Obama