What I like about RS 3.0

And no, this is not a total suckup diary! Of course, there are things that I don’t like so much. But these have received a fair amount of attention, so my own 2 cents would be redundant.

The “My profile” page is the best! It displays all your comments, and allows one to quickly respond to comments on one’s own comments without trying to remember where you posted comments. I always was afraid of seeming rude where a comment that needed an answer went unanswered.Diary entry is much easier with all the gadgets that automate fonts, imaging, etc. This is a real help and it works great.

The tracker is up and looks good. It is much more efficient to see just a list of titles and the number of generated comments than paging through pages and pages of diaries with space-filling text.

The user diary list of recent diaries seems longer, which I think is a good thing, but that may just be an impression.

So I think 3.0 is a keeper. Just make the recommended section more “current”- i.e no diary should stay recommended for more than a few days, and we’ll be doing fine.