Freaking Out Democrats


I am having a real good time freaking out Democrats lately.  The Democrats hate Obamacare as much as everybody else so I tell them that the Democrats must go full blown Socialism with Bernie Sanders or the Party will be over.  I say Hillary is going to ride this dead horse Obamacare into the ground and take the rest of the Democratic Party with her and the Democrats will be purged not only from the White House but from Congress as well.  DC will be pure red!  The Democratic Party may not survive.  Then I pour it on with, women hate these sky-high Obamacare deductibles of $6,850 per person before these plans pay one thin dime.  Then, in the next Open Enrollment on November 1st 2016, just before the election, these deductibles climb to over $7,000 per person because they are tied to the CPI.  Plus, on the same day, right before the Presidential Election, the premiums go up again for 2017.  This Obamacare is a nightmare and Hillary should jump on the Repeal Obamacare Bandwagon (ROB) with Bernie and join the Democrat Socialist Party so we will at least have some chance against these surging Republicans.

At first I thought that some of these Democrats would be wise to my tricks but that’s not what happened.  Democrats were saying that Obamacare sucks and we need Bernie and single payer like all of the good countries around the world.  It is that crazy profit in the present system that is why Obamacare isn’t working.  All the Democrats admit that Hillary is going to try and fix Obamacare and won’t jump on the single-payer juggernaut so this is a huge problem.

You should try it and you will see that these Democrats are divided, dazed and freaking out!