Pelosi Puts Fingers In Ears, Yodels Loudly

Or, in which Pelosi tells the White House to get off her lawn…

So a big story (at least in our circles) from Sunday was the belated admission from White House Press Tool — ahem, Secretary — Robert Gibbs that, like we’ve been saying for months, there’s actually a chance that the Democrat House Caucus will lose their majority in November.

First, welcome back to electoral reality, Mr. Gibbs!  We haven’t seen you for quite some time.

Now, Nanny Pelosi was none too pleased with the White House for interrupting her Nero-like serenade.  You see, as long as she keeps everyone in her caucus thinking that there’s a chance things might get better, she’s got a better chance at keeping the caucus from blowing her off like a Lindsay Lohan parole date.

And yet, while most of these goofballs have not been blessed with common sense to equal a Hilton heiress, they only got to this point in their careers by knowing exactly which way the wind is blowing.  We’ll get back to that in a minute.

There is, natch, a flaw in Pelosi’s argument.  She apparently has attempted to calm the cacophonous gaggle of baby Houselings by telling them “Silly White House, they don’t even live in your districts — how could they possibly know better than me?  Everything’s gonna be just fine.”

Which is something like what those bonesaw doctors used to tell me right before they stabbed me with four needles at once.

First, there is the obvious answer, as one of those drama-queens might say it:  “Like, polling, you idiot.”  You clearly don’t have to be there to read the bliddy numbers, Nan.  The numbers coming out of California (!) do not require a Nostradamus to interpret.

More immediately, however, is this fact:  Nanny Pelosi doesn’t live in all those districts either.  And the politicians who do, know darn well that Gibbs is right.  Furthermore, Gibbs is a suit and pastel tie — while he’s a smart guy, he gets his information from David Axelrod.  That’s a dude who knows more than Speaker Nero about national elections.

So while I still think that the chance of taking the House outright remains as thin as my chances of scoring a date with Senator Scott Brown’s daughter…

Let’s just say that last I heard, she was still single 😀