And The Only National Republican Helping in Massachusetts is:

Mitt Romney.

Please pardon my snickering. You see, I’ve been seeing Ed Morrissey and other bloggers pound the table (don’t misunderstand me, I want them to do so) about how the RNC gave Scozzy Bear a million bucks to lose a primary — and then endorse the Democrat. But I digress.

The RNC was there for The Scozz, and now they’re not there for Scott Brown. Is it likely he will win, even with their help? No, in fact it is highly likely he will lose — there’s no way Timmaah Kaine, the absentee governor of Virginia, kicks off his DNC tour by losing Ted Kennedy’s seat. But it is hilarious to me that, a little over a year after Romney gave the cease-campaign order, he’s the only national Republican putting up any kind of meaningful fight in Massachusetts.

It’s funny because…while Mr. Morrissey announced his support for Romney back in the primaries, I remember a lot of bloggers who called Romney a lot of not-nice things. And by the way, for his mandatory health-care debacle in Massachusetts, he deserves much of it. That said, I don’t see anybody rushing to give the guy props for doing the correct and conservative thing here.

I’ll keep listening to the crickets through 2010, and then we’ll figure out if we can do better than Romney — and on that subject, I hope we can. But in the meantime, will somebody that matters please just notice this?

It’s not like he’s getting crowded out in that field…