What's A Fella Gotta Do...

…for the nutroots to notice his existence?

In my daily exercise of trawling the interwebs for something that makes me laugh, I was skimming through the Daily Kos; and I found a headline that caught my eye:

Why there will never be a right-wing dKos: and why they can’t find more/better Republicans.

Now I’m always interested in the mental contortions of the opposition grassroots — especially when they deem themselves knowledgeable enough about, y’know, me, to write with authority on what I think and do.  And it’s also fun to find out that the Kos doesn’t even know we exist!

Anyway, I must say that (by the way, content warning on that Kos diary, they have somewhat lax morals) it was with some confusion that I came across this line:

I went across the street, literally, [redacted] and dropped Window Pane (LSD that came in clear small postage stamp – like pieces).

Oh goody, we have a druggie trying to explain why we can’t find more/better Republicans.  Like, for example, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Chuck DeVore, Michael Williams, Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli, Col. West, and so on…

But I digress.

Here’s the money quote from this particular altered-reality hippie:

But back to my premise.  All politicians have an ambivalent relationship with the truth.  Politicians and public figures in general, want to appeal – market themselves to a particular audience.  This is where their shading and gradations of the truth begin.  They are appealing to an audience.  Change the audience, change the message.  Politicians are like the captains of a ship always checking the winds and currents to stay afloat and move forward.

Republicans have faith in the captain.  They are like the crew on a ship ready to take orders and keep this ship afloat and moving forward.

Oh, dear lord.  Does this sound like anything you’ve heard lately — like, for example, the public flogging the NRSC comm guy keeps taking from Leon?  And how about the times that Erick slaps Mitch McConnell around for not doing all that could be done to stop this health-care debacle?

Perhaps this diarist hasn’t figured this out yet, but the very reason the Republican Party can’t seem to find its collective buttocks with both hands, is that the exact opposite is true.  Politicians aren’t captains of any ship; the People of America are sovereign — we are the captains.  Politicians are more like rank-and-file sailors — they work the rigging, set the sails, and carry out the orders of the true captain.  And what we have in DC is a bunch of mutinous sailors, spending the goods of the ship — goods which they do not own, and cannot replace.

The Republican Party is tied to the Captain’s Mast.  This is akin to classic maritime punishment. But at the end of the flogging, the sailor is expected to return to his duties.  And to not screw up again.

I have confidence that they will.