In Which I Finally Nuke The Fridge

Oh yes, I’ve done it this time.

In case you’ve not seen the horrifically bad Indiana-Jones-Meets-X-Files movie, the title refers to the updated version of The Fonz jumping the shark; at one point during this movie, Indiana Jones climbs inside an old refrigerator to survive a nuclear detonation.  It works.  Later in the movie, we are expected to fear for his safety when he engages in a fistfight.

And now that I’ve explained my title, let me tell you all what has got me all giddy.

I signed up for a DailyKos account.

Now before you all go nuts on me, I’m not a mole.  At least, not here.  I plan to, in a manner of speaking, take the fight to the wingnuts — I plan to say generally reasonable things on their site, and not overly conservative things that would make their heads explode.  But I will not profess to be a liberal — some things are just too horrible to imagine.

So here’s my question for you: Who wants to go with me?  We can have a contest for who can survive the longest, controlling time-period for site activity (if you post more often, you’ll survive for a lower period of time, so we’ve got to take that into account), with extra points awarded for any laudatory phrases for which you didn’t get banned.  Think “But Dick Cheney was such a good Vice President!”  That’s worth at least a 3% bonus score.

Let’s roll 😀