Time To Bury "Shovel-Ready!"

So Saith The One.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

I’m being overdramatic, but this kinda ticks me off.

If you don’t have the time or are too lazy to click the link to find out exactly what’s on the other side, here’s the gist of what happened at today’s Jobs Summit:  The President walked into a room full of officials and stated:

“The tension we’ve been seeing is that what is good for the longer term may not work as an immediate short-term stimulus. We’re still getting slapped around in the Recovery Act for this,” Obama said. “The term ‘shovel-ready’ — let’s be honest, it doesn’t always live up to its billing.”


So now, President Photo-Op, you’ve spent three-quarters of a billion dollars of MY FUTURE EARNINGS tax dollars Chinese bonds in a failed attempt to create jobs.  And you knew that, hey, infrastructure projects may not do the trick.  Who knew?

Well for starters, the entire Republican House caucus, and all but three Republican Senators.  But let me be clear, you won.  So this debacle is YOURS, ace.  Can’t blame this on Boooooosh, nope; three quarters of a trillion dollars ($787,000,000,000) just got flushed for David Obey’s pet project file.

In my ADD-addled mind, a question occurs:  How many Afghanistan troops could we have sent to back up our existing forces, had we not blown an astronomical amount of money on this epic can of Congressional lard?  How much higher would our chances of victory be?

We’ll never know.

This story further notes:

Obama made it sound as if he was not keen on doing more of the road repavings and other faster-acting repairs that have dominated the infrastructure, which he said “may duplicate needs of the past as opposed [providing] vision.”


Gee whiz, what tipped YOU off, Dr. Salk? It really is amazing how much TV time this windbag can fill with such a stark lack of, y’know…knowlege.  I’m 24 years old.  Seriously, I am.

I. Knew. This. Already.

And this fatuous freebooting fink has the stones to tell me — not ask, tell me — that I must buy his health insurance?

I pity the fool.