GateCrasherGate and the MSM Reaction

I’ve been watching the media reaction to these White House party-crashing morons with growing irritation.  Here’s why.

These crackpots, who were not on the guest list, were allowed within a hair’s breadth of the President of the United States.  Before this, nobody outside of Faulkier County, VA knew who they were — or cared.  These people, who it appears are slightly less nuts than Balloon Boy’s parents, were able to penetrate Secret Service-run security AT. THE. WHITE HOUSE.

While the President was THERE.

There are dinner knives on the table; pencils don’t set off the metal detectors; al-Qaeda has proven that they can sneak a bomb through high-security checkpoints (it involves plastic explosives and a container known as a “charger”, inserted into the rectal cavity); biological and chemical agents don’t set off the metal detectors either.  Heck, a necktie and a quick movement, people, can kill a man.  Dear lord, I don’t want that to happen.

This isn’t about the idiots who figured out how to get a picture with the President, it’s the fact that the Secret Service got burned by two idiots from Moronville, Virginia.  And nobody in the media is saying that — they’re all blaming the idiots.  Understand, I’m not anti-Secret Service; just the opposite, I am very pro-Secret Service.  I just want them to do their bloody job perfectly, because when they screw up, the President can get hurt.

So let’s play a little substitution game.  Instead of the Salahi’s crashing the party, what if James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles had attended the party?

Hannah Giles is way hotter than the gate-crashing babe.  James O’Keefe is a method actor, and could conceivably have done as good a job in blowing smoke at the Secret Service.  I guaran-frickin-tee you that nobody guarding the White House gate knows who either one of them is.  Rahm might, but the Secret Service gate guard wouldn’t.  This puts the two kids who took down ACORN within a hair’s breadth of the President of the United States.

You think the media might have a problem with the Secret Service then?