Glenn Beck Doesn't Know Jack...

…about the military.

I hesitated for about four milliseconds before starting to write this.  You’d think that it would be an unpopular decision to attack Glenn Beck on Redstate.com — it seems a bit out of place.  But he’s gone too far this time, and he needs to be called on it.

Glenn Beck thinks his nephew shouldn’t re-enlist.  By extension, I shouldn’t enlist.  Here’s the video:

Apparently, he thinks that since our Commander in Chief is more concerned with where his next photo-op will be (and how good we military types look in said photo-ops) than with how, exactly, he plans to win the war in Afghanistan, that America is unworthy of my service.


What Beck has done is tell a generation of young men like me that when a man fills the office of President who is blatantly unworthy of any military leadership position (like our current President), that America is, by extension, unworthy of being protected.  America, Beck says, is not worthy of my sacrifice.  America, he claims, is not worthy of saving for the next three to seven years while Barack Obama sits behind the Resolute Desk.

What Beck is saying about Obama is essentially the same thing as Louis XIV said of himself: L’Etat, c’est moi. I am the state.  But here, in America, that has never been true — and must not be true.

A man can be unworthy of the office of President — I believe that this man, Barack Obama, is such an unworthy man.  He’s only ever shown promise in campaigns, and never shown substantive policy accomplishments.  For this reason above all, the Democrats are about to fail to pass their Holy Grail of legislation, a state takeover of health care.  But as unworthy as he is, Barack Obama is not America.  He is the President.

We have had unworthy Presidents before — Woodrow Wilson is the top of my list in that category.  Jimmy Carter is either second or third, with Teddy Roosevelt competing for that slot.  And yet, in all those times, America was worthy of my sacrifice.  America is worth fighting for, no matter how awful her President, because America is not a man.

America is an idea.

America is that smoke-on-the-wind idea that free, unfettered men can create for themselves a life better than any the State can provide them.  America is the idea that any person, of great or inferior birth, can rise to be a mighty force in the world.  America is opportunity, freedom of action, and ownership of one’s own destiny.  That has always been worthy of my defense, of my sacrifice, of my life.

Glenn Beck apparently doesn’t get that.

So bugger off, Beck.  You tell your nephew whatever you want to tell him — but don’t tell me that America isn’t worth my service.

If I don’t fight for her, who will?