What a Year for Republican Candidates...

…especially in the Senate races.

I don’t have a whole ton of time to get this down, so this is going to be a bit quick and dirty.  Here’s my main thought:  How unbelievably politically bad for President Obama would this headline be, E-Day Plus One:

Mark Kirk Wins Obama’s Senate Seat in Shocker

Well, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as if Kirk picked off Obama’s seat in Illinois, Mike Castle picked off Joe Biden’s seat in Delaware, Rudy Giuliani picked off Hillary Clinton’s seat in New York, and Harry Reid lost in Nevada.

All of which could legitimately happen.

And this isn’t even counting the storyline of Marco Rubio.  It isn’t counting any of the slew of House Republicans that will win. It isn’t counting the somewhat longer shot at knocking off Chris Dodd with a WWE-associated personality.  It’s not counting Arlen Specter losing in the primary, only to have the man who beat him lose by five to ten points to Toomey.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun. No daylight, people.

I like the phrase “Let’s Go RINO Hunting!”  We should use that more often.  Anyway, so after we beat the RINOs…we’re going to need to hunt bigger game.

Let’s go DINO hunting.