Charlie Crist is a Big Fat Liar

But at least he has a great tan.

Via HotAir.com, Rolling Stone interviewed the Silver Fox earlier this year, and Charlie Crist made it very clear where he stood on the stimulus package:

But when I interviewed Crist this spring for my piece The GOP Jihad, here’s what he told me he’d have done had he had a darn vote:

Rolling Stone: Just a final question: Had you been in the Senate, would you have voted with the other Republicans for the stimulus package?

Crist: Absolutely.

Oh, say it ain’t so, Chuck!

There is simply no possible way to show the true level of my contempt for such a creature as Charlie Crist.  You see, in that article (The GOP Jihad), Crist said the following:

“Don’t misunderstand me,” he says. “Sometimes ‘no’ is the right answer. But you have to have a vision for the future. You have to talk about what it is you want to do rather than knocking the other guy all the time.”

Well, that’s true.  However, while yes is sometimes the correct answer, it was not the correct answer with regard to the incredibly lard-laden stimulus bill.  So what Charlie would have us believe is that he was against this bill before he was for it, when in reality he was not; and that his vision for the future was different than that of the statists whose gigantic spending bill he supported.

My uncle has a euphemism for this that he tends to use in front of women: Bullfeathers.  But here, with Crist, I think this works a bit better:

Liar, liar, tanning bed on fire.

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