Creigh Deeds, Big Fat Bigot

Or at least, he is by the standard applied to Bob McDonnell.

The sharp-eyed folks over at the Weekly Standard spotted a full-page ad starring Creigh Deeds‘ statements in a full-page advertisement in the October 29, 1999 Bath County Recorder regarding “special rights for gays:”

I don’t believe in discrimination, but I don’t believe in special rights for anyone. I have never voted to allow gay partners to receive medical insurance — or any other benefit — from the state. It’s sad that Mr. Collins has to resort to bigotry and hate-mongering.

Well hang on.  All Bob McDonnell did was say that if a judge had broken the law, he/she should not be a judge anymore.  And here’s Mr. Deeds, saying ‘just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean you get special treatment.’



Most fun, though, is the third headline:

Putting families first

Oh snap.  You mean…Creigh Deeds believes, like Bob McDonnell, that families are important to the fabric of society?

Why, that theocratic so-and-so.  How dare he make that claim — I bet he hates working women.

Vote with your wallet.