NRO's Geraghty Breaks Up With The WaPo

I like Geraghty anyway, but this is both accurate and funny:

And today, in a front-page story, the Post feels the need to rehash how Bob McDonnell responded to a 2003 question of whether he committed sodomy. Never mind that he’s served as the state’s attorney general since then. Never mind all the other issues affecting a state that’s still deep in recession and with a budget in crisis; this is what the Post thinks I need to hear about the most. I’m not coming at this particular race as a political guy; I’m coming at it as a constituent, and comparing the candidates’ history of sodomy just isn’t among my top one hundred issues.

Strike three. I just don’t need to plunk down three quarters for that. Whatever coverage I need to read for work, I can find on that web site that they keep urging me to visit on every other page.

Seriously?  This is what passes for front-page news at the WaPo?  Although I know that the WaPo’s investigation into Bob McDonnell’s graduate thesis is their usual R-bashing shtick, I can see looking into the writings of gubernatorial candidates.

I’m not holding my breath for an expose on Creigh Deeds’ paper trail, but that’s another thing entirely.

Comparing the candidates’ personal experiences with sodomy, however, has absolutely zero to do with anything in Virginia politics.  That might make the gossip column interesting, but it has nothing to do with issues at hand in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Word to the WaPo: Treat us like adults, not like the dolts on your staff.