I'm adopting McDonnell, R-VA

Because if we can’t win a race with that guy, in this state, we should cede all of America to the idiot hordes of Massachusetts.

Seriously, we deserve to lose if we can’t rally ’round McDonnell.

So here’s what I propose: Find me everything, every tip, every rumor, every speeding ticket that Creigh Deeds has ever gotten. If he looked funny at a cop, I want to know. If they’re gonna set up an email address at the White House to track “fishy information” from the American people, I can set one up to track the utter BS coming from the Washington Post.

And don’t limit yourselves to Creigh Deeds. Amy Gardner is fine with me too. If she donated five bucks to a local Democrat, I’d like to know. If she was photographed in college drinking with minors, I want to know. If they’re gonna play this game, I’m okay with that. Let’s roll. But don’t whine at me when I win, playing by your rules.

Send this information to me at [email protected]

I’m sick to friggin’ death of putting up with the Washington Post and their Democrat-lite campaign exercises. They screwed Allen in ’06, they swung Virginia for Obama in ’08, and now they’re trying to hose us again. NO FREAKING MORE.

It’s time to go Olbermann on these brown-nosing, excuse-making, push-polling, election-meddling elitist hacks. I’m going in the military in under a year, so I have nothing to lose but time. It’s time to dome-check these media jerks.