Fast Eddie, Slow Thinker

So I was whipping around Facebook tonight, checking on my favorite bloggers, and I started seeing a lot of stuff about Ed Rendell.

A fellow I know (I’ll call him Matt, just in case he doesn’t want to be fully identified) provides this analysis:

The criteria set by the NYC call girl was that the male was governor in 2006, married, and his wife was “quite prominent in her own right.” She also strongly implies that he is still a sitting governor.

So I read the NGA bios of all 25 first ladies whose governor-husbands meet that criteria. Only six or so first ladies can be considered “quite prominent”:

CA – Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver
MN – Gov Tim Pawlenty’s wife, Mary (district court judge from 1994-2007)
PA – Gov Ed Rendell’s wife, Marjorie (3rd Circuit US Court of Appeals judge)
VA – Gov Tim Kaine’s wife, Anne Holton (district court judge in Richmond)

Less prominent, but still more so than others:

NH – Gov John Lynch’s wife, Susan
TN – Gov Phil Bredesen’s wife, Andrea Conte
WV – Gov Joe Manchin’s wife, Gayle

The call girl would have known instantly that Arnold is married to Shriver. He’s by far the most recognizeable of the seven listed above and his marriage to her is very well known, so she wouldn’t have found out later that he was married, as she said she did.

The last three governors listed have less prominent wives than the first tier, who are all federal judges.

Obviously, out of those three, VA and PA are the closest to NYC (although we know the initial meeting happened outside of New York).

So figure your top three are T-Paw, Ed Rendell, and Tim Kaine.  I was happy that only one of them was a possible GOP contender for 2012, but after Sanford, I wasn’t gonna count my chickens before they hatched.  And started clucking.

Anyway, then I found this.

Okay, so it seems to be Fast Eddie.  Then I started thinking, who set up the meeting for him?  I remember the call-girl saying it was some bloke named Michael.  So, just outta curiosity, I started poking around Rendell’s website looking for staffers.  And guess who runs the Scranton office for Rendell?

Oppenheim Building 3rd floor, 409 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503
Phone: 570-614-2090; Fax: 570-614-2094 (fax)
Counties Served: Tioga, Bradford, Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Pike, Lycoming, Sullivan, Luzerne, Columbia, Montour, Schuykill, Carbon and Monroe

Hmmmmmmm….Michael, is that you?  I want to make this clear, I’m not accusing this particular guy of anything, but here’s what I can find out about him.  That’s the closest office to NYC.  What does he look like?  From all that I can gather on Michael Lombardo, he fits the bill – born in 1978, so he’d be thirtyish-looking when he would have met the call-girl; the one picture (not a good one) I’ve found of the guy shows a roughly 6′ even man with jet-black hair and a good tan, so he’s reasonably good-looking.  He was Mayor of Pittston PA, and holds a master’s degree in psychology.

That’s what I know so far, what else can we find out?