Who's the Veep II

Awright, so you guys think I’m a MittBot.  Fair enough, but the numbers are with me, and it isn’t the weak, halfcocked numbers Giuliani had going for him.  And just wait until you see who I pick for Romney’s VP – sweartadog you guys will love this idea.

I’ve already talked about Petraeus being able to knock off Romney (and, lest ye think that I’m stuck on Romney, remember that I said I’d go for Petraeus…).  I talked about a good Veep for Petraeus – preferably someone with gold-plated fiscal conservative credentials – all of this spending has got to catch up with Bamster in the long run.

Now, what about Romney?  He’s clearly the front-runner at the moment, though the primary is still a long way away.  Romney’s economic credentials are beyond reproach.  I can’t see Slow Joe Crow or the Bamster critiquing Romney on the economy.  With the disastrous healthcare bills in both sides of Congress, I can’t see them criticizing that, either (though conservatives can criticize his gunpoint federalism, and should).  And are they really going to pick on him for being successful, at a time when all America will want is SOMEBODY that looks like they know what they’re doing?  Probably not.

So with Mitt the Turnaround King at the top of the ticket, who’s your favorite Veep?  Jindal again makes an appearance as a beloved conservative – but again, I think he’s too young.  And the Kenneth the Page comparison was uncanny.  Give him some time, maybe a cabinet appointment, and run him later.  He’s going to be around for quite a while, with the resume he’s built.

Mitch Daniels?  Another white guy – and whether or not he’s awesome isn’t the point, it’s that America is fixated on appearances.  It’s beyond stupid that America is so bleedin’ racist as to want someone who looks different, despite what they may actually, y’know, DO while in office.  Again, he’s well worthy of a cabinet appointment, but he doesn’t fit the bill.

Pawlenty utterly disgusts me.  That’s all I’m going to say about him.

Huckster is a pundit.  Palin is gearing up to be the Leader Of The SoCons – and that’s not a bad idea for her; ever since Jerry Falwell passed, that section has needed a unifying figure.  And she can also speak with authority on energy policy, so if she were to point her career at that, she’d be well suited to that job.  Giuliani is doing the war dance with Cuomo in New York.  Fred Thompson has a trophy wife (his words, people, not mine) and a radio show.  And oh, my pain at Sanford’s insanity is too much to put in words.  So here’s my wild and crazy idea.

How about Marco Rubio?

Yes, he’s young.  Yes, he’s most likely going to lose a primary to Crist; and yes, that’d take him off the table for a VP pick in 2012.  But think for a second, just one wickedly wild second: What would a young, telegenic, articulate, highly educated, issues-driven Hispanic from Florida look like when matched with Mitt Romney on a presidential ticket?

First, the weeping and gnashing of teeth from DNC headquarters would be sweet, sweet music to my ears.  There’s no good way for Axelrod to attack him, and there’s no way he can refuse.  Florida is off the table.  California, with its huge population of Hispanics, might actually want to take another look at the GOP, despite the California GOP’s apparent ineptitude at courting them.  New York…is packed full of Hispanics.  And Catholics – sorry, I forgot to mention, Rubio is Catholic.  And if nothing else, it will force extra expenditures in those states during the campaign.  Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia, all have growing Hispanic populations which the GOP has been remiss in courting.

The notoriously fickle youth vote (I’m part of the youth vote, and I sincerely apologize for the stupidity of the majority of this group) could dump the Bamster for a younger model.  The family values voters?  Between Romney & Sons and Rubio’s solid family performance (that any of us can tell – he’s been married for what, eleven years?  Four kids?), the family values section will be well satisfied.  And all of that boils down to this: Rubio’s selection would mean that the entire race would come down to Ohio and/or Pennsylvania.  You’re telling me that Romney/Rubio doesn’t win one of those states in a massively down economy?

I thought not.

This is why the Florida Senate race is so freakin’ important.  Rubio is a solid gold VP candidate, and Charlie Crist just gets us another body in the Senate – and an unreliable one at that.  I want that guy to beat the dogslobber out of Crist; not only because I don’t like Crist, but because Rubio is the electoral ace of spades in 2012.  He needs money, and badly.  With the entire Republican establishment lined up against him, he’s finding it very hard to raise money.  But if we moneybombed him, a la Ron Paul…

It’d have to be a nationwide effort.  It’d have to be well run.  But we can help Rubio win a primary, knock off a RINO, win a Senate seat, and stand a better chance to win in 2012.

Oh, and we could also throw a tomato in the face of the NRSC.  Just saying.

I’m gonna go call the Club for Growth, see if I can get them on board.  If you agree with any part of what I wrote, help me make their phones ring all the time.  I want Rubio to at least be an option for 2012 VP.