The Dark Horseman

There is a bit of groupthink going on in the blogosphere right now, and I mean to offer an alternative line of thought to that groupthink.  Apparently, Mitt Romney is the only candidate available for a 2012 presidential run.

I hadn’t heard that he’d won.

Now on the front end, I’d like to point out that I am a huge Romney supporter.  I’ve been that way since a good friend forced me to sit down and do background research on the guy.  And at the end of it, I actually flew to Iowa on my winter break (and on my own dime) to do whatever I could to help him in the caucuses.  I still believe that, at the moment, he’s our best shot at recapturing the White House in 2012.  But circumstances change, and I’d drop him like first-period chemistry if I thought someone else had a better shot at knocking the Bamster off in 2012.  To my mind, there’s only one person that could do that.

Four-star General David Petraeus.

Think about it.  He’s the Man Who Won The Unwinnable War.  He’s got enough hardware on his uniform to smelt into a full magazine of .223 ammunition – and is selfless enough to actually do it.  The MSM have worked so hard to make Iraq “Bush’s War” that they couldn’t pivot fast enough to pin it on Petraeus.  He’s a foreign policy mastermind, and has nothing holding him back from claiming conservative bona fides.

If Obama loses big in 2010 (looking increasingly likely), Secretary Clinton may bail.  She will, of course, cite something irrelevant and unsexy as her reason for resigning; but the world will know that she’s planning a run at Obama.  The only way to stop the Grand Progressive Alliance from self-destructing is for Ol’ Gaffeatronic Joe to “retire,” citing a desire to spend more time with his family, and Hillary graciously accepting a spot as the VP.  Assuming, of course, that she doesn’t succeed in the primary.

Any of those scenarios throws foreign policy directly into the limelight.  If that becomes the issue (possible, two years from now), Romney has no advantage.  Petraeus, however, would have a huge advantage.  Throw into the mess that Obama may begin to lose Afghanistan after replacing General McKiernan with a handpicked General Rodriguez, in order to implement a new strategy – his strategy.  The violence has already ticked upward, and Hillary (unbelievable though this may seem) could be the anti-war candidate in the 2012 Democratic primary – with the foreign policy credentials to back it.

And then U.S. Army General David “Impossible Is Nothing” Petraeus (apologies to Adidas) steps in to say “Yes, we can.  And here’s how.”  Nobody on the planet has the resume to be a legitimate detractor to a Petraeus Plan.  And if the economy is secondary to foreign policy in 2012, Petraeus would be the man to beat.

That’s a lot of “ifs.”  But it’s the only set of “ifs” I can make work, in my head.  If you’re looking to knock off Romney – and this is coming from a staunch Romney supporter – draft Petraeus.