Change it Back 2012

Former Marine Sgt. Felix Quintan is out on a mission.    He is on a mission to defeat Obama in November.   He comes from Venezuela after the failed coup by now President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.   He immigrated to the United States after the failed attempt by Hugo Chavez.

He started Change it Back 2012 to help get the word out in a unique way. The site is selling t-shirts, but each one will have a number on it up to 1 million.  The Goal is to get 1 Million people to wear the shirts on Nov 6, 2012 while voting across the country.

Here is the press release for his mission:

News Release

Felix Quintana (Sgt., USMC, Sep.)
[email protected]


ChangeitBack2012.com – Marine of Hispanic descent to tour the
country on a mission to defeat President Barrack Obama.

Orlando, FL-March 5th 2012 – Former Marine Sgt. Felix Quintana, a Purple
Heart Veteran of the Iraq war has embarked on a mission to unite 1 million
Americans to become the visible outward expression of the voting majority
that will in his words “rise up on election day November 6, 2012 to execute our
voting right in defense of our Republic and defeat President Barrack Obama
and all elected officials who have made a mockery of our Constitution.”

A native of Venezuela, Sgt. Quintana immigrated to the United States in 1992
months after a failed coup d'état by then lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, who
now presides over Venezuela. “All Americans need to wake up to the reality
that the only reason our nation has not totally gone in the ways of leftist-ruled
countries like Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua—to name a few—has been due
to our Charters of Freedom; the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution
and Bill of Rights is what sets us apart from any other nation on the face of the
earth and we must ensure they are upheld and preserved; this is why I launched
Changeitback2012.com”, Sgt. Quintana said.

Changeitback2012.com’s 1 million American eligible voters will wear a CIB2012
shirt that will bear a custom Voter # ranging from 1 to 1 million as a visible show
of strength and unity in numbers that will create community engagements and
ultimately serve as a declaration on Election Day for all to see that the will and
power of the American people is still alive.

The ambitious project will also take Sgt. Quintana across all 50 states in search
of written commitments from voters that they will turn out to vote. “This is not
the election to make a point by abdicating our responsibility to vote; this is the
most crucial election our generation has been entrusted with; this election is for
the very soul and identity of our nation and the inheritance for our posterity.”

Changeitback2012.com has set up a “Donate” page for anyone that wishes to
help fund the movement. “It would be ironic—or worse yet—it would be as if I
had come here in vain to have the United States of America turn like the country
I left.” Sgt. Quintana declared.

For more information visit: www.ChangeitBack2012.com
Twitter @changeback2012
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