Support anti-PIPA/SOPA candidates in primaries.

RedState should be cheered for his principled stance on this issue. It takes courage sometimes for those of us on the right to stand firmly with the left on an issue of importance. It’s great to see sites like RedState and Credo on the same side of this issue. I agree 100% with the following statement in Eric’s email on Rubio’s change of heart about the matter.

“This morning I noted that we should primary Senators and Representatives on the left and right who refuse to back away from SOPA and Protect IP.”

I wonder if Eric knows that Sen. Snowe from Maine is not only pro-PIPA but has been a strong advocate of all forms of internet regulation. It was Sen. Snowe who introduced the concept of an “internet kill switch” with Sen. Rockerfeller a few years ago. She is an advocate of internet taxation despite the harm it would do to online commerce.

Sen. Snowe, of course, has a primary challenge from Andrew Ian Dodge, a strong opponent of SOPA/PIPA. In a recent statement he said the following:
“It worries me to see Congress pushing bills that will kill freedom of speech on the internet. It is a shame none of the Maine delegation are standing up for Mainers’ online rights. With the valued support of Maine voters, when I am in the Senate I will take a firm stand against internet taxation, censorship and any other government meddling in the online space.”

Andrew Ian Dodge, like many on RedState, has made some or all of his living from producing internet content whether with his blog or writing for sites like PajamasMedia.com He is well aware of the impact of both of these bills on those who make a living, a whole or part, from the internet. All of us who stand united against SOPA/PIPA should support Andrew for his vocal stand on these awful bills.