Citizens 4 Cain

Well, I am not dead and have been busy at work on getting a website up. Citizens 4 Cain.

I know it is pretty early in the election cycle for the 2012 elections for the Presidency, but I feel that with the way the economy is going and the utter lack of business sense in DC today, we need someone like Herman Cain in the White House.

While he was in St Louis, I got to meet him at a Tea Party, and we got to chat a little bit, nothing serious, but got to know a little about him. While talking one on one, he is very sincere and well spoken. But when he gets up on a podium, he is a different man. And he commands the room or crowd like no one I have seen in a long time. He says what people like me and many in the Tea Party Movement have been saying over the past year and a half. He has been a proven problem solver in all the places he has been. The last was bringing Godfather’s Pizza from the brink of bankruptcy.

We need someone with business sense and someone that is a problem solver. And we need someone like that in 2012

Come on by the Citizens 4 Cain site, and join with others to see Herman Cain take the oath of office to become the 45 President of the United States of America.