We won the battle but not the war

We had a good day on Tuesday and many Conservatives got elected into office.   But make no mistake the war is not won.

The huge gains by the Republicans in the House and the gains in the Senate do not mean that our work is over.   This is just the beginning.  This is a long war that we need to win and we can not let up.

As the Tea Partiers and Conservatives are basking in the election wins, there are still those that want to take away our Liberties and Freedoms in the name of the “Good of the Country”.  We must not let that happen.

We need to keep the fire under the Republicans to follow the Constitution and the Enumerated Powers that constrain the Federal Government.  It is not time to let up or relax our mission.   We must keep the Republicans in line and take back the Senate and Presidency in 2012.

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Originally posted at Stix Blog