The Wave or the Tsunami

Tomorrow is the day, the day that we can change the direction of this country. The day where we can show the country that we are not going to take the spending and arrogance that has been show to us for the past 2 years (4 years if you include when the Democrats took over the House and Senate).

Tomorrow we can win and win big. We need to get out the vote and tell everyone what is at stake in this election. As I have precious said, this is no normal mid term election. This is a referendum on how Obama and the Democrats have led this nation. We can break the spending and taxing that have brought this country in the woes we are in now.

But we can not do this if you do not go out and vote and bring everyone of your friends along. We need to make this more than a wave but a tsunami.

Get out and vote, take the country back.

Let’s make a real change back to the Constitution and Liberty, and far away from the direction the Democrats have taken us.

It will be a wave or a tsunami, it is all up to you

originally posted at Stix Blog