On Tuesday, the American Public will have a referendum on Obama’s
administration and the Democrat’s control over the House and Senate.
This is no ordinary mid-term election, this is an election for the
future direction of our country. Do we want the same tax and spend
policies that the democrats have been using for the past 4 years –
policies that made the recession worse than it should have been? Or do
we want to go into a new direction?

The polls and much of the enthusiasm appears to be on the
Conservative’s side and big election gains for the Republicans. But do
not let this fool you into complacency, the Republicans have not won anything, yet. GOTV is our main goal this year, because the Unions and Democrats are putting a big effort in their GOTV, and using their old tactics. Make no mistake, we need to trounce the Democrats November 2nd.

With the Tea Parties and various other groups, more and more people
are getting involved and looking at what is happening in Washington, DC.
They bring the enthusiasm  needed – but we also need to channel that
enthusiasm into action at the polls. Preliminary reports from early
voting in many areas, indicates it is working. We must keep our foot on
the pedal; no let up on that accelerator.

If you look at many of the polls, the races are getting tighter
during the final week (I look at the polls with a grain of salt anyway),
they always do. We must not let the polls and the thought of the
inevitability of GOP gains distract us into relaxing our efforts. We
still need to get boots on the ground, and people phone banking, to let
voters know how important this election is.

It is up to us, not the pundits on TV and the radio. It is up to ‘We
the People’ to decide the fate of our country from this day forward. Do
we want to continue borrowing money from our kids’ future and putting
the country further and further into debt, or do we want to go back to
the limited Government our Founding Fathers wanted for this great

Originally posted at  Stix Blog