Tea Party Express "Liberty at the Ballot Box" tour

Last night after work I walked down the street to Kiner Plaza for the Tea Party Express “Liberty at the Ballot Box” Tour rally. Saw some friends there. Eric Odom, Gateway Pundit, Jen Ennenbach of the St Louis Tea Party. And finally got to meet Kevin Jackson (The Blacksphere) and Andrea Shea King. Also saw Lloyd Marcus sing his songs that revved up the crown.

But the thrill of the night was meeting Herman Cain. I got to meet him before his speech and chit chat a little bit. He is a down to Earth person, but you can tell he has something more in him. And when you hear him speak, then you figure out. He has great leadership qualities and excellent voice to explain what the Tea party is and Conservatism, so that everyone can understand it. He could be the Republican candidate in 2012.