Summer is over

The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, so summer must be over. And really it could not get over fast enough for me. This has truly been the Summer From Hell for me. I am not going into details about that, but I think I am finally at peace with many things now.

Ok, enough with the drama. Now that summer is over, we are getting closer to election time. And we need all hands on deck for the upcoming elections. The Republicans have a good chance to win back both the House and the Senate. It is not a done deal and the Senate will be a tougher cookie to crack, but it can be done.

Everyone that has been to a Tea Party or has been reading post all across the Right Blogospehere know what this elections means. It is not the normal mid term elections of the past. This is a referendum on Obama and the Democrats handling the economy and foreign policy.

And as we stand now, the Republicans have not won anything. Just posting and writing about it will do nothing if we do not have the boots on the grounds and get people to the polls on November 2.

GOTV will mean everything this year. And the Concord Project is a great place to find groups and find out where you can get involved in your area. Roots of Liberty is another good place to find out what is going on in your area and find places where you can help out.

It is time to get the people fired up and ready to go vote. The elections is little over a month away and we can not waste any time in getting things organized. The Time is now .

For a little inspiration I leave you with Ben Howe’s excellent video:

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