Memories of 9/11

(originally posted at Stix Blog)

Since I will not be around a computer most of tomorrow,I thought I would do a post on my reflections on that fateful day 9 years ago.

I was on my way to work on the Metrolink, it was a beautifful day in St Louis.  I was thinking about a trip that I was gong to to on with family, A Mediterranean Cruise with 2 days in Rome.   We were to fly out on Sept 14.

When I got to work everyone was watching the TV in the lobby.  I was wondering what all the commotion was about.   Someone said a plane hit one of the Twin Towers.  I thought that was odd, especially looking at it on TV,there was no fog in NYC.  So I went back into my dungeon and started to listen to radio.   At the time I listened to Howard Stern in the mornings, he was talking about the plane that hit the Twin Towers, and most thought it was a little cesna or something like that. Then he said the other Tower was hit, and then I knew this was a deliberate attack. A few minutes later my brother called and proceeded to say we are at war.  Which I did not exactly think at the time,until the Pentagon got hit. Then I knew we were at war.  I did not know who Osama bin Laden was at the time, but in the next few days, the whole country knew who he was and who Al Queda was.

Back to the family vacation, we were to leave on Saturday the14th, but there was no flights going in or out of the US, or anywhere inside the US still.  The Cruise Line was saying , “well, you are SOL”  and that maybe we could pick it up in mid stream.  Well,we could not leave the US.  Eventually they let us postpone the trip, we eventually went a few years later and was one of the best vacations I have ever had.

The following weeks after 9/11 I did not get much sleep.  I was watching the news more and more 24/7 almost.   As with many, I thought that another attack was coming soon.  The scare at the Sears Tower and other major buildings and monuments.

I was pretty political before 9/11 and was blogging beforehand. But I think 9/11 and the horror of the attacks made me more aware and much more of a political animal.  I now want to know what is going on all over the world, the history major helps also.

ON a side note,one of my co-workers at the time was in the hotel across the street from the Twin Towers. All of us at my work were worried about him,and eventually we found out that he was fine and was evacuated safely.

I think time has eroded our memory of that day.  too many have forgotten who and what we are fighting.  This is not a war we started,it is one out of necessity, and one we must win.  Too many of our politicians are thinking with the 9/10 mentality.