I can see November

(Originally posted at the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone)

I did not go to Right Online this year,  but I did watch many videos of the main speeches from the event; here is my take on what happened.

This November is not just about Republicans taking back Congress or politics at all, or should I say, not politics as usual. November is about how we, as a nation, can take our back government. Do we want to go down the same old road that has been happening for the last few decades, where we’ll punt on the debt and keep the statist government we have now? Or do we return to the principles of our Constitution, written, to give the people freedom from excessive intrusion of government, and to maintain their liberty.

I will not go into many details about the videos, they speak for themselves. But discuss some of the points they made – directed toward helping us be an activist Movement and getting the job done. Obama and Democrats, have woken the Sleeping Giant of Conservatism.

First and foremost, what does the Constitution mean to our country?
Is the Constitution just a piece of paper that has written words of no substance, or is it an outline that the Founding Fathers designed for us, to use as a the very foundation of a Constitutional Republic? The Constitution was written in a time when most countries in the world were ruled by Monarchies, with an aristocratic class. America does not have kings, and the Constitution was written so we would not have a ruling class, but much has changed since that wonderful Document was written.  Political parties and partisan politics rule the day, and many in both parties have trampled all over the Constitution.  We, as Tea Party activists, or Conservative activists, must get us back on track to the original intent of the Founding Fathers.

How do we do this?
1)  The Tea Parties are an excellent way to get our voices out there for all to hear.    But it is not enough to shout and fuss, at the latest outrage visited upon our freedoms, even though that is a big part.   We must also say how we want our elected officials to represent us and run the Government.  When they go to Washington, the people must stay vigilant and remind them of the reason they were sent there in the first place.  This election cycle is critical to stop the road to Statism.

2.   I am mainly a blogger and not a leader of anything.   I  help out our local Tea Party as much as possible, but I am busy in many online activities and blogs.   Blogging is a good way to get your voice out there, your opinions matter.  You can start your own blog for not that much money, free at many places, or you can join a group blog, such as RedState or the Minority Report; I am a member at both sites. Blogging is an inexpensive way to get your voice heard.
3.  Get involved in you local Republican Party.   They are always looking for people to help with phone banks, walking precincts and other help the party, tasks.    Call your local Republican Headquarters and ask what they need.   It could be to help get out the vote (GOTV) on election day: such as driving people to polls or calling to ask if people have voted yet, and reminding them to go vote.
4.  You can become a Precinct Committeeman ( for information go to The Precinct Committeeman Project for details on how to do this.  Or, you might consider becoming a candidate yourself!

This November is about many things, but the most important one is really you, the people, who need to go vote for the right individuals to represent us in Washington, and help take back our government.