Dan Benishek

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This year is one of those defining moments for this country. The Democrats have had control of Congress since 2006 and the economy has gone downhill since. There is an anti-incumbent fever sweeping the country.

This is also the year for Conservatives to take back the GOP from those that act like Democrats, and cater to special interest groups.

I usually do not endorse candidates in primaries, but this year is different. I have met many people from across the country, and have kept an eye on several candidates. One of those is Dan Benishek. I remember being on Twitter the day Stupak and his crew stabbed a figurative knife into their pro-life supporters and voted for Obamacare. And Dan’s name was fired back and forth on Twitter. I am sure Dan Benishek was overwhelmed by that initial onslaught of support. After all, he was a citizen activist, not a career politician.

Then along came Jason Allen, a career politician and an SEIU backed Republican, who joined in the race. And the shenanigans began. In these final days of the campaign, Jason Allen, with help from his SEIU supporters, has launched a smear campaign against Dr. Dan. Same tactics that Democrats use with their SEIU and ACORN supporters against their opponents.

Dan is man of Conservative principles and integrity, and is the type of candidate we need in this election cycle. He has the backing of many in the Tea Party Movement and Conservative Movement throughout the country.

I fully endorse Dan Benishek for Congress and would hope all of you will help his campaign out as much as you can. Give money, make phone calls to get the word out, and help fight the smears from the SEIU thugs that Allen has sent out to try and bring down Dan.


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I started this race back in January when I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. The previous year, the Democrats had passed an enormous Stimulus bill, spending nearly a trillion dollars, and they didn’t even read the bill! It was filled with payoffs and paybacks to special interest groups. This is not only typical behavior of the Democrats, but also of career establishment Republicans as well.

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