I miss my grandpa

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and for the past several years it has had a personal significance for me besides honoring those that have fallen in battle. It will be 10 yrs. since my grandfather passed away. My Grandfather was a doctor in WWII and went from France all the way to Japan, just after the bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

As with most of his generation, he did not like to talk about the terrible things he had seen while over there. I really wanted to ask him more about it, but never got the chance. I thought both my grandparents would live forever, so when he was diagnosed with cancer, I was sure he would beat it and live on. Unfortunately, I was wrong, he did not respond to treatment, and it was difficult to see him deteriorate and finally pass away. He had always been so strong, so full of life. One of those men that almost seem bigger than life.

My grandparents played a big part in who I am today. They encouraged me to be curious, to learn for myself, to look up things and investigate further. Never to just take things that people say at face value. They were world travelers, and every time they came back they would ask us, (my brothers and cousins) to find the country on the big map in our rec room. ( Probably explains my love of geography and other cultures.) They expected us to find out about the country they had just visited, and asked us questions upon their return. Spent a lot of time using those encyclopedias, yet today, I have them to thank for my love of geography and other cultures.

June 1 , 2000, was also 9 days before my brother’s wedding and 12 days before my birthday. The Wedding went on and life went on. But I still miss my grandpa. About a year later my grandma passed away. They had 55 wonderful years together.

On this Memorial day, I will be honoring my grandfather along with those that paid the ultimate price.

PS: There is a favorite charity of mine, which helps those diagnosed with cancer. Relay For Life Team, My cousin has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma and is going through chemotherapy.

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