Tea Party What's next?????

Today at RedState Erick Erickson posted 2 lively posts.    First he posted, The National Tax Day Amalgamated Federation of Confederated Unions of Concerned Tea Party Patriot Expresses of America and the United States Ltd., LLC, and Inc.

But I have a simple message for them all — it is time to stop calling yourselves tea party activists and start calling yourselves concerned Americans.

And after that, Deciding I’m Right.

That is what you got with this post and the reaction to it by some convinces me I am right. Despite repeated praise for the activists at the activist level, some think I am attacking them and others are bunkering down

There has been much discussion on RedState and twitter and I am sure Facebook as well regarding these two posts.

Let me say first, that Erick did NOT say that the Tea Parties are a bad thing and that no one should go, he just said he himself is not going.   And he did not throw the whole Tea Party under the bus as some have suggested.    He has a point to his posts.   And that is that we need to do more than just go to the rallies.

Many at RedState and probably other blogs say, “we need to get more involved in the Party”, both Democrat and Republican.    I want people to get involved with the Republican Party, but not all of the Tea Party people are Republicans and we want to include disaffected Democrats and Independents as well. ColdWarrior’s Precinct CommitteeMan Project is essential.

The Tea Parties are not about Republican vs Democrats, it is about out of control Government – it is the current regime’s abuse of representative government.  It is their intrusion in every aspect of our lives, and it is about a forced change to Socialism.  For the past year, the people have tried to speak out and protest and the Tea Parties were instrumental in slowing this down, but we could not stop it.  Now we come to Erick’s point.

Erick’s point is to get the Conservatives involved in getting back the Republican Party from the DC elite and progressives that have infiltrated the Republican Party.   Those on the other side of the aisle need to do the same.   I may not agree with many Democrats, but I know many who are upset at the far left turn their party has taken.

We all need to get more people involved in politics.   We need to inform them of what is happening in DC, and get them away from American Idol and show them that what happens in DC will affect them.   This also goes towards local politics too.   I know far too many people that think that all politicians are crooks and do not listen to them.  Getting involved is a way to have our voices heard.

Tea Parties have been a good start, but now we have to take the reins.  The only way to get the change you want is to get involved.  Go to the local GOP functions; I know I do not do that as much as I should, but at least follow what they are doing.   Email them and see how you can help.   Share your ideas with your local leaders on things you think will help the Party.  Go to local meetings and speak up.

This is what Erick is saying.   Not that you should not go to Tea Parties, or dismiss them.   He is saying that we should get active in Party Politics.   Get to know your PC, and the candidates who are running locally.   Find candidates around the country that you believe in and help them in any way you can, be that money, emailing friends, blog about them, tweet them out, or putting them on Facebook.

This is our country and we need to get it back.   From both parties.  It is just as important to speak at your local GOP meetings as it is to carry a sign.  Do both if you can, but certainly make the GOP involvement your priority.

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