Obama in St Louis

Yesterday, Obama came to St Louis to once again explain to us Rubes the Obamacare Bill.  At St Charles High School some 400 people attending Obama’s campaign rally, or I mean Obamacare Rally.  Elsewhere in St Charles there was a gathering  of 2225 when only 600 were expected for an anti-Obamacare rally.

Gateway Pundit has the details:

1,800+ showed up to watch a live video feed from Washington DC. Rep. Todd Akin, Rep. Shadegg and Rep. Pence spoke to the crowd. Mike Pence told the crowd, “I believe America will take back the Congress in 2010.” (The crowd went nuts)

Later in the  night Obama was at a fundraiser for Claire McCaskill.   Again over 2000 people showed up to protest the Obamacare Bill, with a few hundred or so pro Obamacare supporters.  And for the most part it was a peaceful protest, with pro and anti Obamacare people actually singing the National Anthem.

Mark Polege from Keyboard Militia has the details:

Yesterday President Obama graced the St.Louis area with his presence. He is currently touring the country on a “I’ll Try Explaining My Health Care Plan…Again” tour. After his stop in St.Charles at a high school, he attended a campaign (of sorts) with Senator Claire McCaskill who has been, as many other Democrats, on the fence about voting for Obama’s government-run health care plan. Technically, it is a plan/bill that does not really exist…more of that hope for change…but in actuality it is more like the latest Senate bill.

I would have been at the one downtown St Louis, but was not feeling good, but we do have a great bunch of Patriots here in the st Louis area.   The St Louis Tea Party is alive and well.

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