Unite or Die

A few years ago, HBO had a series about John Adams. It was a great illustration of how our country came to be. Citizens of the North American Continent went against England, one of the most powerful countries in the world. There were many disagreements amongst the American colonists on what to do about the overbearing English. But in the end they came to an agreement and joined forces to fight against the Redcoats. The Independence that the colonists fought so hard for was also independence for the individual, something unique for that time.

I am bringing this up because today we have infighting amongst ourselves on how to deal with a modern day threat – Socialism/Statism. Other labels we hear are the Progressives, the Left, Liberals, but we face the same threat. If those on the “Right” side of the aisle (Constitutional Conservatives as Vassar noted in a comment) do not unite, we will fail. As with the movie 300, we are fighting a Beast.

That Beast has been around for over 100 years and is trying to transform our country from what the Founding Fathers had laid out in our Constitution. We have been slowly, but incrementally moving away from the great experiment that is called the United States. For decades the Government has been taking away our freedoms, but we have also been guilty of giving them up. And now we struggle with a loss of faith in the America that our Founding Fathers established for us. The Government was founded to protect our liberty and freedoms, not to give out hand-outs, and have the citizens become dependent on the Government. A welfare state is being created from this dependency.

Too many in this country care more about who sleeps with whom in Hollywood, or who is the latest American Idol, than what is happening in DC. But there are many that are finally awakening from the sleep and joining the few that were standing guard. The Tea Parties and various other groups have made people look at what the Federal Government is doing. A phenomenal awareness has arisen among the people, more than I have ever witnessed before. The citizens are seeing incredible wasteful spending by their elected officials. When they cry for redress, they are ignored. It is almost as if Congress has forgotten they were elected by the people to work for the people.

The problem: there is much infighting among the groups that want to stop the behemoth in DC; people cannot hear what each has to say. Too much noise. We have fiscal Conservatives fighting the Social Conservatives. Libertarians fighting Conservatives and everything in between. We are all in this fight for the same reason, to stop the Statists from transforming the United States into something similar to a European Socialist state. We know we must work together, or separately we will fail. Common ground must be found; focus on the goals. What’s that saying, “Keep your eyes on the prize.” The prize is our nation, as we have known and loved her.

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