Alternative to Obamacare

While I was at CPAC, RedState and the people of CPAC had some Congress critters and other speakers come by to give a little Q&A in the Blogger’s Lounge and made themselves available for interviews. When Congressman Steve King came by Blogger’s Row, Skye had the chance to interview him, while I played cameraman. There was a lot of commotion in the hallway during the interview, so you will probably want to turn up the volume on your computer. It is a pretty long interview, so it might be better to let it load first before watching

(sorry for the delay in the video)

I definitely liked his common sense approach of doing health care reform in increments instead of a comprehensive bill. It tackles the real problems that make the health care system more expensive than it needs to be. When the Federal Government gets involved with anything the price will only rise and will not tackle the real problems of the high cost of health care.

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