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I was one of the many credentialed bloggers for this year’s CPAC, and I want to thank the people at RedState for making it one of the best political events I have attended, especially for bloggers.   We had many great people come by and speak to us and were available for interviews.  With past events, bloggers were put into a corner and not given a great place to work, but at CPAC2010 we had great seats to actually see the event and not have to watch it on CC TV the whole time.

Being a blogger, I was attending CPAC not only for the speeches, but for all the events, panels and things that happened outside the ballroom.  I missed some of the speeches, but did manage to see some of the better ones.  Especially Glenn Beck’s keynote speech.  I am not the biggest fan of Glenn Beck, but his speech was very good and taught us that it is not only Democrats that we should be worried about.  It is the progressives in both parties.  Which is truly what many Conservatives agree with, especially with the likes of Olympia Snowe and some of the Northeastern Republicans.

Also as a blogger, CPAC is a way to mingle with the people attending and get more contacts for getting info for posts on my blog and meeting new friends.  And finally meeting my online friends, such as the RedState login crew, in which I had a nice dinner with. I am not going to name names, because I know I will leave some people out, or forget someone’s name or blog.

There were many scoops or stories that came out of CPAC that I was either involved in or heard about before the story hit the intertubes.  Especially on Saturday, when Breitbart had a few scuffles in the lobby of the Marriott, and the entrance of Code Pink through the Bloggers Lounge, which I informed Skye and Caleb Howe that Madea Benjamin strolled through the Bloggers Lounge.  I also heard about the NY Slimes smearing of Jason Mattera as it happened on Day 1 of CPAC during my panel with Larry O’Connor.

I may not have posted much while at CPAC, but having the opportunity to meet others who are also involved and active, was invaluable. I may even get a paying gig for a blogger round up TV show in the future.  Imagine that, me getting paid for this blogging thing.

If you are a conservative, CPAC is a must to attend at least once in your life.  Kevin McKeever, who sponsored the panel I was on (The Blogger Free For All) calls it, Comicon for Conservatives.  Attending CPAC, you get exposed to the vast range of Conservative thought and get a sense of the direction of the Conservative Movement.  It is an event such as CPAC that inspires me to do more and get more involved.

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